Today's V

Today’s V

The Vandergriff Building is an adaptive reuse development of Arlington’s oldest commercial structure. Historic preservationists consider the Vandergriff Building, located at 255 N. Center Street to be the only intact, pre-1930 commercial building in Arlington, Texas. Built in 1927, the building features what is best described as a Mission Eclectic style architecture. Its original use was as a Chevrolet dealership. Located in what was then called the “Auto Isle” of Arlington, The Vandergriff dealership sold Chevrolets in an area dominated by new car dealerships until the mid 1960’s when population shifts forced their relocation. Now, following the trend set by Worthington Bank, Johnnie High’s Arlington Music Hall, and several Main Street properties, redevelopment of the Vandergriff building will once again contribute to the economic life of downtown Arlington.

SkyWalker Property Partners and Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance are excited about the future of downtown Arlington, about the prospect of businesses and people relocating in greater numbers to the central business district. This website is intended to provide information for those interested in locating their residence or office at The Vandergriff, and for those interested in more information about the building’s history and the status of its re-development.

The Vandegriff Building
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